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Mandarin’s Cookies

“The Cookie with a Purpose”

Mandarin was a special gift for both my daughter and I, as we were coping with the sudden loss of my husband/her father from a heart attack.  Mandarin had the same birthday as my husband, and I new she was a true gift to us.


My decision to start preparing home made cookies and meals for Mandarin began after a few years after adopting my precious girl.  Mandarin was diagnosed with a heart murmur, I knew that I wanted to give her the best life possible, and keep her with us as long as we could.


So I did what any good Mom would do, I devoted all my passion and love and started cooking for Mandarin. I researched and became educated about dog nutrition and supplements; I learned about the things she needed to keep her heart healthy and support her immune system, what supplements were necessary for her, and what treats would be best.


Mandarin thrived and lived a long and happy life.  She exceeded the expectations of the vets, which attributed her longevity to the healthy diet she ate.  My vet kept say to me, “keep doing what your doing”.


All cookies have  Organic, No Flour, Low in Fat, Grain Free, and Gluten Free.


Almond Smear - Almond Butter- Natural source of Vitamin E, which is beneficial for nourishing skin and coat.        


Minty Fresh - Mint—promotes oral health and aids in digestion.


Relax Time - Lavender—soothes and calms the Central Nervous *great for dogs prone to anxiety or experiencing stress and scared of thunderstorms, or have separation anxiety.


Carob Coco - Carob is a safe for dogs and it is great for digestion and for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and also a great antioxidant and calcium.


Sweetie Pie- Sweet Potato is low in fat high in fiber has Vitamin A which promotes healthy skin, coat, eyes, nerves, and muscles, as well as, a great antioxidant.


Jersey Blue – Blueberries is an excellent antioxidant. High in Vitamins  A,B,C and E.


Feeding our beloved dog companions a nutritional sound diet means they can live longer, healthier lives and we also will have more time to enjoy their companionship!


As a way of honoring Mandarin, and sharing my true passion with other dog lovers, I am now baking and offering the very cookies I made for Mandarin. My goal is to continue to expand my passion of cooking for other dogs, and I want to help other dog owners to have their dogs live a nutritionally balanced life, so they can enjoy their companionship longer, healthier, and happier. I left my corporate job, to take this on full time to devote my passion to Mandarin’s Cookies™ The Cookie with a Purpose™.                                                           

Your dog can taste the love of Mandarin’s food too! 




CEO/ President/ Founder


This is Mandarin, you can see the beautiful hearts on her coat. Truly amazing  the hearts would appear on Mandarin’s coat - a reminder of the love we share!! 

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